Shandong Exotic Fungi Biotech Co.,Ltd is a STOCK Holder company which was founded in 2021, We invest more than 30million USD with 140000sq.meter areas for the factory with fully automatic production line for supplying qualified edible mushroom spawn substrate to overseas market .

   With more than 10 years of mushroom substrate supplying experiences and 25million mushroom substrate production capacity, we not only focus on helping the mushroom farmer in the world growing high quality shiitake, Oyster, King Oyster, Lion’s Mane and other exotic mushrooms with high yield. But also concentrate on developing with the customers in a proper way and pushing the international edible mushroom business developing.

   Meanwhile, We are also focus on supplying other related mushroom products and snacks such as fresh mushrooms,dried mushrooms and VF(Vacuum Fried) mushroom/Vegetable chips so that our customers can have more options in this industry. Now we are qualified supplier of COSTCO, USA. With the guarantee of the products’ quality, we believe our customers can have deeper cooperation in different ways. 

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Shandong Exotic Fungi Biotech Co.,Ltd
Address: No.6 Qiangwu Rd, Maojiabu Industrial Park, Yuanshang Town, Laixi,
Qingdao, Shandong, China 266600
Mob: +86 159 6497 6726
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